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About Us

Riverside Photo Booth was started in the summer of 2009 with the goal of providing top notch photo booth rental services to the Inland Empire and surrounding areas. Husband and wife team Daniel and Alesia own and operate their custom built photo booth and are present at each event themselves to ensure smooth operation of the booth. Riverside Photo Booth's goal at each event is for everyone to have crazy, candid fun!

Inside the Photo Booth The Photo Booth Daniel and Alesia

About The Booth

The photo booth is custom designed to be able to accomodate large groups, wheel chairs, and just about anything else you can manage to get in it. It is highly portable and can fit through the standard entry door of a residential home. The photo booth uses top of the line digital imagery to take the photos, saves them to a hard drive for later copying to a disc, and prints the photos, along with a custom logo on high quality photo paper for the user to enjoy right then and there.

Anatomy of a Photo Booth